Diet Reviews

Rating the popular weight loss diets

Many of the most popular, most controversial, and most talked-about weight loss diets will be evaluated in this section. Each diet has been categorized under a specific type - those diets that promote fast and easy weight loss have been classified under Quick Fix Diets, those that are meant to be followed for the long term and can be part of a normal lifestyle have been slotted under Popular Diets and lastly, all those crazy, impossible fad diets that can't really be taken seriously, can be found in Ridiculous Diets.

This section is devoted to providing you with an unbiased and authoritative opinion on the many weight loss diets on the market. Hopefully it will provide you with some insight on each of these diets, and maybe even educate you on the pitfalls behind many of them. Each of these diets is on trial and has been rated based on its overall approach and its usability while still leading a normal lifestyle (which includes dining out and eating with others). We will also rate each diet based on its average cost and overall legitimacy.

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The following chart will provide a general explanation about how each weight loss diet will be evaluated.

Sample Diet Evaluation


Overall Average Rating

Average Daily Calories

Average Weight Loss

Type of Diet


Name of diet to be evaluated

Rating based on ability to help you lose weight

Average amount of calories you can consume on this diet

Average amount of weight that can be lost per week while following this diet

Is it a juice diet? Does it eliminate specific food groups?

Who created this diet? Does it have a reputable source? Have the weight loss claims been proven?