Body for Life Diet Review

Weight loss diet with a 12-week program

Vital Stats

Full Name: Body for Life

Origin: Created by Bill Phillips, former C.E.O. of EAS supplements

Description: 12-week shape-up program that follows a balanced diet six days of the week, and a regimented workout plan

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Likes: Vegetables, brown rice, chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese, whole-wheat bread and fish

Dislikes: Sugars, fatty foods, processed foods

Looking for: Anyone willing to adhere to the strict rules of this diet

Works Well With: Prescribed EAS supplements, such as whey protein powder and essential oils

Full Review of the Body for Life program

The mastermind behind this program is former EAS C.E.O. Bill Phillips. The Body for Life is a highly motivational weight loss diet. If you go to EAS' website you can't help but be inspired by the hundreds of past participants who have lost the weight with the help of this program.

This 12-week program involves three days a week of weight-training and aerobics. The diet consists of six balanced meals a day, consisting of vegetables, fruits and lean meats, for six days of the week. Calories are not restricted on this plan, but portion sizes are important. A meal consists of one portion of protein and one portion of carbohydrates. In addition, you add a vegetable to two of the meals.On the seventh day you can rest and eat whatever you would like. The exercise component of the program consists of three 20 minute cardio workouts a week, and three days where specific weight-training programs are performed.

Bill Phillips' weight loss diet is great for those who are just starting out or who need guidance following a program. However, in true marketing form, the Body for Life program includes a ton of EAS supplements which can be quite pricey. Excluding the cost, the diet and exercise components of this plan are healthy and balanced. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss, not just a quick fix like many fad diets.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: Don't feel bound strictly to EAS supplements. There are a lot of other supplements on the market, for a fraction of the cost, that will yield comparable results.



Balanced approach that incorporates diet and exercise

Required the use of a lot of EAS supplements exclusively

Motivational marketing campaign of previous successful 'Body for Lifers'

Exercise component may be too gym-based for some

Attempts to create a positive and fun attitude toward getting in shape

May be expensive to follow