Danone Diet Review

For healthy weight loss, eat yogurt

Origin: Yogurt company Danone teamed up with award-winning food writer and nutritionist Carolyn O’Neil to come up with the Light n’ Fit Right Fit Plan to come up with a low-fat and nutritious meal plan that encourages healthy weight loss.

Description: The Light n’ Fit Right Fit Plan combines Danone yogurt products with other healthy food choices to promote healthy weight loss or help individuals maintain their current weight. Dieters can consume Light n’ Fit yogurt and yogurt shakes as well as cereal, other dairy products, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. The meal plan is designed to be combined with a daily exercise regimen.

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Likes: Yogurt, yogurt shakes, cereal, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains.

Dislikes: Processed foods, fatty meats and junk food.

Looking For: Calcium cravers

Works Well With: The dairy section of your local grocery store.

This diet is similar to most brand product diets, where you incorporate a brand name product into a healthy diet, so it is not exactly revolutionary. That being said, this diet is easy to follow, fairly inexpensive and there are studies that prove that low-fat dairy products, including yogurt, help people lose weight and keep it off because they help curb hunger. Danone cites a research study conducted by Zemel MB that proved that consuming three to four servings of high-calcium dairy products was instrumental in helping people suffering from obesity lose weight. Danone also conducted its own study, which showed that 83 percent of working women snacked throughout the day and usually turned to candy and chocolate bars. The yogurt company came out with its Light n' Fit line, including its Crave Control yogurt, to provide a healthier snack option.