Dr. Phil's Diet Review

The ultimate seven step weight loss diet solution

Vital Stats

Full Name: Dr. Phil McGraw's Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

Origin: Created by popular talk show host and psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw

Description: Behavior management weight loss plan that follows seven steps to help people lose weight

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Likes: High fiber foods such as complex carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats

Dislikes: Emotional foods

Looking for: A dieter who would like to determine the emotional reasons for their weight gain

Works Well With: Dr. Phil's book, He's Just Not That into You

Full Review of Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution

You've no doubt heard about the 'almighty' Dr. Phil, or caught a glimpse of his popular television show. Now he's come up with his own brand of weight loss diet. Dr. Phil's diet puts a lot of emphasis on lifestyle changes, and attempts to create a healthy relationship with food rather than providing a quick fix. Similar to losing a toxic boyfriend or girlfriend, Dr. Phil's weight loss diet follows a step-by-step approach when trying to lose weight. This plan doesn't require the dieter to count calories or restrict foods, but instead asks you to recognize why you are craving certain foods, and to identify what causes specific cravings.

Typical of the psychologist's mindset, Dr. Phil immediately assumes that everyone who has a weight problem is an emotional eater and can lose weight by addressing their emotions. This is not always the case, therefore approaching weight loss with this type of mentality might not lead to success. Dr. Phil's dieting guidelines are extremely basic - there is nothing particularly groundbreaking. And the good doctor has also come out with a whole line of weight loss shakes and energy bars - he even has a diet pill called "Shape Up" with two separate formulations depending on the shape of your body.

Combine these things with the weight loss plan's focus on self-affirmation and deep examination (bolstered by questionnaires and homework that go along with the diet), and it is easy to see that this may not be everyone's cup of tea. Dr. Phil attempts to make you focus on yourself, and why you're eating a certain way - this diet approach may be a little questionable for some.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: Save yourself the time and agony of reading Dr. Phil's book, and follow basic common sense. This diet is really a no-brainer.



Balanced approach

Dr. Phil's supplements and weight loss pills can run over $60 a month

Step-by-step guidelines to losing weight

Doesn't provide a lot of actual nutrition help or dieting advice

Encourages positive behavior modification

Credibility? Dr. Phil is a psychologist not a nutritionist