Dr. Weil Diet Review

A weight loss diet that focuses on optimum health

Vital Stats

Full Name: Dr. Weil's Optimum Health Plan

Origin: Created by Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard Medical School graduate, and the director and founder of the Program of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

Description: Holistic diet that focuses on making healthier lifestyle changes

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Likes: Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, Dr. Weil's line of supplements

Dislikes: Overly-processed foods, soft drinks, sweets, breads, pasta, commercial cereals and fats such as butter and margarine

Looking for: Dieter who wants to follow a long term health plan

Works Well With: Dr. Weil's line of holistic supplements

Full Review of Dr. Weil's Optimum Health Plan

Dr. Weil is known worldwide as one of the leading practitioners of holistic and complementary medicinal practices. His weight loss diet incorporates an overall healthy and balanced approach to weight loss, rather than a quick fix Dr. Weil attempts to rid your diet of processed and fast foods and replace them with only fresh and natural food choices. He prescribes a daily ratio of 50 % carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein. According to Dr. Weil, once you adopt a healthy lifestyle, your body will begin to heal itself, aligning itself with natural forces. When the body begins to heal, you will start to lose weight. This weight loss diet also includes several of Dr. Weil's brand of supplements and other health products.

An interesting note about some of the top weight loss diets on the market is that the creator of the diet is usually overweight. Dr. Atkins was actually obese when he died, Dr. Phil could stand to lose a few and Dr. Weil isn't exactly a Slim Jim. What does this say about their diets? It's very similar to getting laser surgery from a doctor wearing glasses. If the surgery is that profound, why is the doctor still wearing glasses, and if the weight loss program is that great, why is its creator still overweight? Just a point to ponder…

Dr. Weil's diet can help you make healthy lifestyle changes that can improve your overall health, but like other diets that focus on changing your habits, don't expect drastic weight loss or body changes overnight.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: This diet has some healthy principles, but don't waste your money on the overpriced supplements.



Long term lifestyle change

Diet is very technical and scientific

Encourages fresh and homemade food choices

Prescribes a lot of over-priced supplements

Discourages fast foods and sugary soft drinks

Doesn't lead to substantial weight loss