eDiet Reviews

Online Weight Loss

Vital Stats

Full Name: eDiets.com

Origin: Created in 1996 by a registered dietician

Description: Online subscription-based weight loss program

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Likes: Depends on diet following

Dislikes: Depends on diet following

Looking for: Internet-savvy dieter who thrives on message boards and online communities

Works Well With: Ongoing online support program

Full Review of eDiets

Since 1996, 5.6 million people have subscribed to the eDiets online weight loss plan. eDiets is a popular subscription-based dieting site that offers a wide variety of options to meet your dieting needs. Nurses, fitness experts and psychiatrists provide online dieting advice, and there is also a supportive online message board, a newsletter, online meetings, weight loss success stories and testimonials, to help with morale. The yearly cost is $155 for the basic subscription, and about $250 a year for a full support plan. eDiets has created 12 of its own specialized online weight loss plans, and also offers support in following other popular diets. To determine which diet plan to follow, eDiets requires you fill out a detailed 60-question survey. They will then prescribe a diet for you. Depending on if you're following Atkins Dietor the South Beach Diet,for example, eDiets provides a weekly meal plan, recipes, grocery list and caloric breakdown of the meals.

Those who have subscribed to this online weight loss service appreciate the ongoing support and motivation from others that they find. Another strong selling point is that eDiets is highly customizable to your own unique dieting needs, which will likely make it easier to follow.

Some downsides to the diet are that a lot of the information on this subscription-based site could be found for free elsewhere. Also, people complain about putting the pounds back on when they go off the diet, and have also had concerns about questionable charges on their credit card bills and problems with cancellation fees.

Overall, eDiets is a highly-publicized program with a huge marketing budget that enables it to provide a lot of quality online information. Because of this, and its strong support system, this online weight loss program seems like a sensible and solid method to lose weight.

Average weight loss: Depends on specific diet.

Helpful Tips: Watch your credit card statements if you decide to subscribe to eDiets. Some members have complained about unauthorized fees.



Very supportive and information-rich environment to help support weight loss goals

Dieters who like face-to-face support might not like the online component

Comprehensive weight loss plan

$3-5 weekly subscription cost

All dieting information is organized and laid out for you - an idiot-proof way to follow your diet

Problems with cancellation fee, and other customer complaints