No Flour, No Sugar Diet Review

Diet to get rid of empty calories

Origin: Medical practitioner and health columnist Dr. Peter Gott created a plan which eliminates all flour and sugar from the diet to essentially get rid of empty calories. Getting rid of the junk and incorporating healthier, wholesome foods is meant to create weight loss.

Description: The No Flour, No Sugar Diet is simply that – a diet void of refined flour and sugar. Without these ingredients this diet also eliminates a lot of fatty foods, including pizza and desserts, making it easier to drop weight.

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Likes: Lean meat, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and brown rice.

Dislikes: White bread, bagels, pizza, cookies, cake, pastry, white rice, pasta and candy.

Looking For: Anyone with serious willpower or distaste for baked goods.

Works Well With: An organic market.

This diet is practical in a sense. If you eliminate refined carbohydrates and sugar you are bound to lose weight. Some aspects of the No Flour, No Sugar Diet are simple. You don't reportedly have to count calories and there are few restrictions of other foods. Dieters are encouraged to eat healthy servings of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and whole grains, while cutting back on fats. If you don't like sugar or baked products and turn up your nose at a slice of pizza, this particular diet should be relatively easy to follow. However, if you are someone who enjoys the occasional bagel and has a helping of apple pie at Thanksgiving dinner, this diet could be excruciating. Besides that, a huge portion of Dr. Mott's book is dedicated to recipes and meal plans, which can be time consuming and a little overwhelming. And while Dr. Mott says you don't have to count calories, there is a chart of daily calorie requirements.