L.A. Weight Loss Diet Review

Typical Hollywood weight loss program

Vital Stats

Full Name: L.A. Weight Loss Centers

Origin: Founded in 1989, has expanded to more than 850 centers worldwide

Description: Combines low-cal diet with personalized weight loss counseling and diet supplements

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Likes: Dependent on specific plan

Dislikes: Dependent on specific plan

Looking for: Needy dieter who wants personalized guidance

Works Well With: L.A weight loss line of supplements

Full Review of L.A. Weight Loss Centers

Beautiful women crawling out of the pool, svelte ladies in skimpy bikinis reclining on lounge chairs- these are just some of the images that pop to mind when thinking of an L.A. Weight Loss commercial.

L.A. weight loss centers are located all across North America. The weight loss program combines a calorie-reduced and low-fat meal plan, with personalized counseling and the use of L.A. supplements and nutritional shakes. Most weight loss counselors don't have formal backgrounds in nutrition, but are graduates of the weight loss program. These counselors aggressively push the use of the L.A. supplements as they are paid a commission for selling these products.

In this program, the dieter is guided through weight loss phases. Phase One is very regimented and low in calories. As the dieter begins to reach their goals, they progress through the phases and can begin to add food options back into their plan. There are over 40 different variations of the L.A. Weight Loss Diet, depending on your goals. However, to determine which one is right for you, you have to first visit the center.

Those who have followed this program are often irritated by the high costs and no money back cancellation policy. Once you're in, there's no way out. This weight loss program may help take off a few pounds, but you could find a lot of the information they offer online for free. Furthermore, you could also kibosh the use of L.A. supplements. A quality multivitamin is all you really need.

Average weight loss: 2-3 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: Make sure you read all the fine print before signing up for this diet. Once you sign up, you're stuck with it.



One-on-one weight loss counseling


Teaches lifestyle changes

Promotes a lot of specialized supplements

Provides dieting tips for the real world, in dining out or eating with others

Diet counselors aren't qualified