Ornish Diet Review

Eat more on this weight loss diet

Origin: Dr. Dean Ornish initially began his research on heart disease in 1975. He found that following a low-fat diet can help with weight loss.

Description: Very low-fat diet

Likes: Fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, non-fat dairy

Dislikes: Meats, oils, avocadoes, nuts, alcohol

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Looking for: Old-school dieter

Works Well With: Multivitamin, B Vitamins, omega fatty acids, folic acid, selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Dean Ornish created this weight loss program as a heart-friendly diet. It's low in fat and high in carbohydrates , as Ornish recommends consuming no more than 10% of your total caloric intake from fat. Most of the food choices on this diet are derived from a vegetarian-style plan - whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are recommended, while meat and nuts are strongly discouraged.

This diet is based on the theory that fat makes us fat; because fat contains more calories per gram than protein or carbs, it should be limited in the diet. Ornish organizes foods into separate lists such as banned foods, foods to eat moderately and foods to eat freely. According to Ornish, following his diet can not only help with weight loss , but is also essential to our overall health - it can help prevent some diseases and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Americans could certainly benefit from reducing the fat content in their diet. But it's important to remember that fat is still an essential and healthy part of a healthy diet - we just need to consume heart-healthy fats. Ornish's weight loss diet eliminates a lot of protein sources such as meat and eggs, which are actually healthy components of any diet. Instead of cutting these foods, cut the saturated fats and trans fats from your diet by eliminating or limiting foods like french fries, boxed cookies and crackers. Be sure to keep the heart-healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and avocadoes!