Park Avenue Diet Review

The rich get thin on this weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: How the Rich Get Thin: Park Avenue’s Top Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Origin: Written by Jana Klauer; a doctor and weight loss specialist with a practice on Park Avenue

Description: Park Avenue weight loss doctor reveals the secret of how the rich get thin by following a low-cal diet with plenty of exercise

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Likes: Organic foods, fresh fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables

Dislikes: Anything processed, fried or doughy

Looking for: Uptown city girl looking for weight loss in all the wrong places

Works Well With: Caviar and other overpriced foods

Full Review of the Park Avenue Diet

They’re rich they’re beautiful; it’s just not fair that they get to be thin too! The Park Avenue diet was written by Jana Klauer, a diet doctor from Park Avenue, to explain how these wealthy women stay so thin.

The diet starts with a three-day program to kick start your metabolism and quickly help you lose weight. In fact, Klauer states that you can lose an entire dress size in the first three days of the diet. After that, the diet is divided into phases that you follow until you reach your goal [Set Your Goals]. Phase one is carb-restricted, but after that, carbs are gradually added back into your diet. The following principles are to be followed during every phase of the diet:

  • Eat high-quality sources of protein with each meal
  • Eat enough calcium; according to Klauer, calcium is a weight loss wonder
  • Say yes to complex carbs
  • Eliminate all processed foods
  • Exercise an hour every day

Klauer provides helpful weight loss tipsfor making better choices when dining out [Fast Food Facts].This weight loss diet allows you to continue being a socialite while maintaining your weight. She also suggests regular exercise, which gets two thumbs up.

What this book shows is that these Park Avenue girls don’t stay svelte on water and crackers alone - you need to work if you want to look a certain way. However, phase one of the diet is significantly limited in carbs, considering the amount of exercise expected. Also, a lot of the food choices that are recommended require a budget that only someone living on Park Avenue would have. For those of us with a family and a mortgage, shelling out big bucks for organic food and choosing caviar over tuna in a can, are not feasible options.

The Park Avenue book, with its Sex in the City spin on dieting, is quite witty, but the diet itself is not revolutionary. Still, it offers some basic principles to help you make overall lifestyle changes. You don’t have to be rich or live on Park Avenue to embrace these aspects of the diet, and all in all, Klauer offers some decent tips.

Average weight loss: 6 lbs. poundsin the first three days, 1-2 lbs. per week after that.

Helpful Tips: Follow the basic principles of this weight loss diet, but don’t go bankrupt attempting to buy the overpriced gourmet foods.