Reality Diet Review

A realistic diet plan

Origin: The Reality Diet was designed by Florida-based cardiologist Dr. Steven Schnur who felt compelled to write a diet book after seeing numerous patients who suffered side effects from low-carb diets. His diet moves away from the ultra low-fat and low-carb diets, and, instead, utilizes a number of different foods and exercises.

Description: The Reality Diet allows dieters to consume a number of healthy foods, most of which are high in fiber. Dr. Schnur stands by the belief that fiber is a key fat-fighting ingredient and while he is not against carbohydrates, he believes that foods that contain them should also be high in fiber. The diet book also comes with an eight-week meal plan and tips for eating in restaurants. The diet is designed to be combined with an exercise regimen.

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Likes: Whole grain breads, brown rice, eggs, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, lean meat, spices and seasonings and low fat dressings.

Dislikes: Fatty meat, processed foods, full fat dairy products, refined flour, white rice, sugary foods and high-fat desserts.

Looking For: A realist.

Works Well With: Your local grocery store

The Reality Diet is, for most people, a realistic diet plan. Meal portions are realistic for the average person and there are plenty of foods to choose from. You are even allowed low-fat potato chips, go figure! The book includes recipes, menu plans, and tips for eating out at restaurants, which leaves little room for cheating. The fact that the diet is high in fiber may make it inappropriate for people with certain digestive disorders, but for the average person it is quite practical.