Skinny Bitch Diet Review

A no-nonsense diet approach

Origin: Former "Ford Models" agent Rory Freedman and former model Kim Barnouin joined forces and wrote the diet book Skinny Bitch. They don’t pull any punches when it comes to their strict diet plan that they insist is completely effective if you stick to it.

Description: The principle of the Skinny Bitch diet is simple: eat what you want as long as it is a whole food. This diet allows you to eat bread, pasta and even cookies, so long as they are made from whole grains. The diet eliminates anything processed or artificial, such as artificial sweeteners and white rice. It also does away with meat and dairy products.

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Likes: Whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, brown rice, whole grain pasta and bread.

Dislikes: Meat, dairy products, sugar, artificial sweeteners and refined flour.

Looking For: Bitchy vegetarians.

Works Well With: Your local bakery.

If you're a health-conscious vegetarian this diet will be easy to follow. If you enjoy your steak, grilled chicken breasts and the occasional slab of cheese, it won't be. There are health benefits to eliminating sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods and refined flours from anyone's diet, but there is still plenty of speculation as to the safety of completely removing meat and dairy products. Dieters will have to ensure that they find other sources of nutrients to replace the calcium, iron and protein they would be lacking by removing those foods from their diet. Any diet that allows for complete indulgence on items, such as cookies, so long as they don't contain white sugar or sweeteners, has to be questioned.