Sleep Away the Pounds Diet Review

Start dreaming of a thinner body on this weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: Sleep Away the Pounds; Sleep Away Your Weight Gain (Various titles)

Origin: Recent scientific research studies

Description: Basic philosophy, if you’re asleep you can’t be eating

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Likes: Getting eight to ten hours of sleep each night

Dislikes: Getting very little sleep

Looking for: The lazy dieter

Works Well With: A lifestyle containing plenty of exercise and a balanced diet

Full Review of Sleeping Away the Pounds

The recent idea of “snooze it to lose it” is based on research studies conducted on the relation between weight loss / obesity and sleep. This weight loss diet promotes the importance of adequate sleep in achieving your weight loss goals.

One such study regarding the connection between sleeping patterns and obesity was completed by the University of Columbia. They found that with:

·two to four hours of sleep a night - you are 73% more likely to be obese than the normal sleeper, who receives seven to eight hours of sleep a night

  • five hours a night - 50% more likely to be obese
  • six hours a night - 23% more likely to be obese
  • ten-plus hours - 11% LESS likely to be obese (than the normal sleeper)

The theory behind the data is that sleep deprivation can affect the hormones responsible for hunger (Ghrelin) and satiety (Leptin). A lack of sleep can cause a rise in the levels of Ghrelin (with a decrease in Leptin), which triggers overeating. Also, getting plenty of rest replenishes the body so that it can function efficiently each day, which includes a boost in metabolism.

Research shows that to help achieve weight loss, you need to find your optimal sleep length. Most people need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, some more, some less. Even though, with busy schedules, many people can’t incorporate ten hours of sleep every night, it is still important to try for eight hours every night.

So it seems that all you have to do to lose weight is go take a nap! If only it were this simple. It is highly doubtful that sleeping in will give you the body of a super model - diet and exercise still play a huge role in the maintenance of a healthy body weight. But this diet does offer some bonus information that could help you achieve your weight loss desires. So maybe you should try grabbing your blanket and pillow, and seeing if more sleep will help melt away those extra pounds… sweet dreams!

Average weight loss : Unknown.

Helpful Tips: Be sure to hit the snooze button!