Slow Down Diet Review

Diet that promotes food enjoyment

Origin: The Slow Down Diet was created by nutritionist Marc David, who believes that stress may cause you to gain weight. Therefore, this diet focuses on stress management, enjoying life and enjoying meals.

Description: The Slow Down Diet is an eight-week diet plan based on eight metabolic powers that, according to Mr. David, aid weight loss. These metabolic powers include relaxation, quality, awareness, rhythm, pleasure, thought, story and the sacred. The focus is on finding ways to relax and relieve stress, as well as cooking meals using organic, all-natural ingredients.

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Likes: Organic and all-natural foods.

Dislikes: Refined carbohydrates, fatty foods, deep fried foods, any thing that contains chemicals or growth hormones.

Looking For: Hippies with a lot of free time.

Works Well With: Health food stores.

The Slow Down Diet addresses many people's needs and desires and it could be effective -- if only it were more practical. There are many health and nutritional experts who will agree that stress leads to weight gain, but the reality is that many people don't have time to slow down and diminish their stress levels. For those who do have the time and means to participate in such a diet, The Slow Down Diet will likely be beneficial, if they can decipher what Marc David is talking about. There is a lot of fluff contained in the instructions for this diet. For those who don't have time to follow the instructions for this diet, the experience could be frustrating, contributing to your level of stress rather than diminishing your level of stress.