Sonoma Diet Review

The most flavorful weight loss diet under the sun

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Sonoma Diet

Origin: Connie Guttersen, registered dietician

Description: Mediterranean-themed diet

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Likes: 10 "Sonoma Diet Power Foods"

Dislikes: Foods containing added sugar, saturated fats and refined white flour

Looking for: Fans of the recently popular Mediterranean Diet

Works Well With: Recipes from the cookbook The Sonoma Diet , by Connie Guttersen

Full Review of the Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is named after the Sonoma region of sunny California. This weight loss diet has a Mediterranean theme, since the Sonoma Valley is known for its amazing wine industry - and yes, this diet lets you enjoy fine wines.

One of the best things about the Sonoma Diet is that it "emphasizes the joy of eating."A successful diet will be one that dieters can stick with because they are still allowed to eat delicious foods. The diet revolves around ten foods called the "Sonoma Diet Power Foods". They are as follows: almonds, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and whole grains (plus a glass of wine a day). These power foods can provide you with energy and improve your overall health.

The Sonoma Diet is broken down into three phases or "waves." The first wave lasts for ten days and is the most restrictive part of the diet -it is designed to jumpstart your weight loss. This phase restricts items such as alcohol, fruit, starchy vegetables and dairy (but these items can be reintroduced in the second wave). The second phase lasts until you reach your weight loss goal, and the third phase is for life-long maintenance. No calorie counting - just proper portions designed around the size of your dinner plate! (You are to use a seven-inch plate for breakfast and a nine-inch plate for lunch and dinner.) Each wave of the diet will provide instructions on how to fill your plate.

For once, in the case of the Sonoma diet, the author doesn't attempt to market her weight loss diet as unique - she's just presenting dieters with another version of the Mediterranean diet, and uses her strong credentials to back up her ideas. Another unexpected feature about the diet is that it doesn't appear to restrict carbs. It's about putting the right amount and right combinations of food on your plate. Plus, there are no restrictions because it is a "celebration of food"! What could be better than that?

Average weight loss: Varies; regular exercise will speed up results.

Helpful Tips: Enjoy your food, take vitamin supplements during the first wave and add exercise



Good credentials

Recipes may be difficult for non-cookers

Lots of eating

Need to purchase the book to follow the diet

No food restrictions

Certain recipe ingredients may be expensive