Warrior Diet Review

A diet followed by our ancestors

Origin: The Warrior diet was created by Ori Hofmekler, whose is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mind & Muscle Power magazine, and is a columnist for Penthouse magazine.  Hofmekler boasts maintaining a lean and muscular physique by exercising and fasting for 16 to 18 hours each day before eating a large meal in the evening.

Description: The Warrior Diet is based on primal survival instincts that date back to the days of the caveman when humans survived on wild catch, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The diet emphasizes a strict exercise regimen, combined with a cycle of overeating and under eating. Dieters are expected to fast for most of the day and then eat a large meal in the evening.

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Likes: Fish, organic meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fertile eggs and roots.

Dislikes: Processed foods, artificial sweeteners and additives.

Looking For: Survivor Man

Works Well With: Life in the wilderness.

This diet could not be construed as practical by any means. It requires consuming the same amount of food you would eat throughout the day all in one sitting in the evening. Hofmekler insists that by fasting the rest of the day the body will burn fat more quickly and the mind will be more alert and adventurous, like a warrior. He says that if the diet works for him, it will work for others. He does take nutritional supplements everyday, as well. It's hard to believe this diet could be very effective or safe because it requires intense physical training on an empty stomach. As well, a constant cycle of under eating and overeating could be confusing for the body.