Abs Diet Review

This weight loss diet can flatten your abs in just 6 weeks

Vital Stats

Full Name:The Abs Diet

Origin: Created by the editor of Men's Health; David Zinczencko

Description: Includes 12 powerhouse foods you can choose from, but these are the only foods that can be consumed on this weight loss diet

Likes: Beans, almonds, low-fat dairy, oatmeal, spinach and other green vegetables, eggs, turkey and other lean meats, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grain breads and cereals, extra protein powder, raspberries and berries

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Dislikes: Any food not included in the top 12 power food list

Looking for:Male dieters who want a quick fix; this weight loss diet is touted to work 'overnight'

Works Well With: Recipes included in Zinczencko's book and website

Full Review of Abs Diet

The Abs diet uses a clever acronymto list the foods that can be eaten, while following it; each food corresponds to a letter in the title of the diet:

A - almonds

B - blueberries

S - spinach

D - dairy

I - instant oatmeal

E - eggs

T - turkey

P - peanut butter

O - oats

W- whole grain breads

E - extra protein powder

R - raspberries

The Abs Diet was created by David Zinczencko, the editor of the popular men's magazine, Men's Health . He created this weight loss diet and targeted it mostly to men to help alleviate the 'beer belly'. The diet consists of 12 'powerhouse' food choices that are said to help you lose weight when combined with a regular exercise routine. According to Zinczencko, eating the right foods during the day can help promote muscle-building and fat-burning. The exercise part of the plan includes strength training three times a week, abs exercises on two days, and optional aerobic exercise two to three days a week.

This weight loss diet has a lot of emphasis on sex and how looking better can improve your sex life. The diet is geared toward men, and for them, sex always sells. This diet claims to help men achieve lean chiseled abs, which will undoubtedly lead to more sex. But if that's what Mr. Zinczencko really believes, he's offering every guy a lot of false hope!

Average Weight Loss: Lose 12 lbs. in the first two weeks and 5-8 in the next two.

Helpful Tips: To avoid getting bored of the same foods every single day try to follow some of the recipes included.



Overall healthy principles

Spot reducing does not work

Promotes exercise

Not much variety; very limited food choices

Not overly complicated; average guy can follow it

No scientific support [Science Behind Weight Loss] or evidence