Beverly Hills Diet Review

Weight loss diet of 90210ers

Vital Stats

Full Name: The New Beverly Hills Diet

Origin: The Beverly Hills Diet was created by a Hollywood actress named Judy Mazel

Description: Food-combination diet. Food is not restricted, but only specific combinations of food choices are allowed; for example, protein can't be combined with carbs

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Likes: Vegetables, cereals, grains, meat, fish, yogurt, cheese, nuts, ice cream, oil mayonnaise, butter, fruit

Dislikes: Diet products, artificial sweeteners, combining carbs with protein

Looking for: Dieter who wants a really quick fix but who doesn't want to restrict any foods

Works Well With: Food combination guidelines

Full Review of the Beverly Hills Diet

The Beverly Hills diet is a rather confusing diet, which was created by a Hollywood actress who evidently didn't have much of a background in nutrition and science. This weight loss diet is a basic food combination diet with a lot of complicated guidelines.

This diet is not restrictive, as the only foods that are to be cut are diet foods and artificial sweeteners. However, only certain foods can be combined together. The reasoning is that by eating this way the body will be able to digest foods better. The Beverly Hills diet is a 35-day diet plan that follows these guidelines:

  1. Protein is only to be eaten with other sources of protein
  2. Fruit is only to be eaten alone, never to be combined with other foods.
  3. Each day is to begin with an enzymatic fruit such as pineapple, strawberries, grapes, papaya, watermelon or mango. Fruits cannot be mixed with one another, therefore, no fruit salads
  4. You must wait one hour before consuming another fruit and two hours before eating foods from another food group.
  5. Once you eat food from another food group, you can't eat fruit again for the rest of the day.
  6. If the next food group you eat is carbohydrates, you can eat as much as you like until you eat a protein source
  7. Carbohydrates cannot be consumed with protein
  8. Fats can be eaten with protein or carbs, but never with fruits
  9. Eliminate all light or diet versions of foods and artificial sweeteners

This weight loss diet requires a lot of thought and planning if it is to be followed correctly. Only Hollywood movie stars would have enough time and guidance (from their personal nutritionists) to follow something this complicated.

Average weight loss: 4 to 5 lbs. per week

Helpful Tips: Get a copy of the Beverly Hills diet companion book to help make food choices.



Initial weight loss is quick

Very low in protein

Don't need to restrict foods


Calls for a lot of fruit

Way too low in calories; difficult to sustain