Blood Type Diet Review

The key to this weight loss diet is in your blood

Vital Stats

Full Name: Eat Right for Your Type

Origin: Created by Dr. Peter D'Adamo

Description: Your blood type can help you determine what foods you should be eating

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Likes: Dependent on specific blood type

Dislikes: Dependent on specific blood type

Looking for: Dieter who wants a quick fix, who is gullible and will try anything to lose weight

Works Well With: Cook Right for Your Blood Type cookbook

Full Review of the Blood Type Diet

According to naturopathic doctor, Peter D'Adamo, the key to successful weight loss is to follow a diet that is specific to your blood type. Each person has a different chemistry, and your blood type can help determine what foods your body digests best. D'Adamo claims that by eating the right foods, the blood type diet can help you with allergies and infection-resistance.

Depending on your blood type, your body will have different levels of stomach acidity and digestive enzymes. By eating a diet that is specific to your blood type, your body will be able to digest foods better to help with weight loss. Your blood type will help you determine what foods react best with your body.

Type O - should eat a diet high in protein such as meat and fish and low in dairy. Type O's should avoid avocados and oranges. These individuals should exercise regularly.

Type B - should eat mostly red meat and dairy and avoid chicken and bacon.

Type A - should follow a predominately vegetarian diet. They should avoid red meat and eat fish and vegetables. These individuals should participate in light exercise only.

Type AB - these individuals should follow a diet that combines the principles of type A and B.

The question that first comes to mind with this diet is where did he come up with the foods to avoid? Did he take a survey of his friends and decide which foods those with different blood types don't like? This weight loss diet sounds like just another marketing scam.

Average weight loss: Dependent on blood type.

Helpful Tips: Be sure to follow with 'Drink Right 4 Your Skin Type'.



Diet is laid out with tight guidelines

Not realistic to follow with others who have different blood types

Gets you eating fresh foods as opposed to processed

Eliminates healthy food choices such as vegetables, for certain blood types

Diet attempts to incorporate some exercise (although with ridiculous guidelines)

Not scientifically proven