Dog Diet Review

It's a dog's life on this weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Dog Diet

Origin: Created by lawyer and dog owner Patti Lawson, who feels her dog helped her lose weight

Description: Staying active with your dog and following the way he or she eats as a means of losing weight yourself.

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Likes: Exercising with your dog, and only eating when your pet eats

Dislikes: Any tasty foods your dog really enjoys

Looking for: Dog lovers everywhere

Works Well With: Your dog

Full Review of the Dog Diet

Man's best friend as a personal trainer: Questionable. Bonding with your dog to lose weight: Priceless. This simplistic and humorous diet was created by a lawyer and dog owner named Patti Lawson. She found that focusing her energy on her dog, instead of on herself, helped her lose the weight she gained after a nasty and heart-breaking breakup.

The Dog Diet attempts to create a healthier relationship with food and with dieting. Lawson found that thinking of her dog's needs in relation to food, instead of her own, helped her lose weight. Some of her simple doggy-dieting tips include avoiding foods that make too much noise (for example, if you open a bag of chips and your dog comes running into the kitchen, chips must be taken out of your pooch weight loss diet), and also avoiding snacks that your dog seems to enjoy (because if your dog thinks it tastes good, it's probably bad for you). Patti also termed the coin 'dogercise', which just means using your dog as a way to get active and burn extra calories.

It's difficult to say how much weight you'll actually lose by following this weight loss plan, but Lawson definitely puts a unique spin on fad diets and has received quite a bit of publicity for her unusual dieting approach.

Average weight loss: Lawson, the creator of the diet, claimed to have lost 30 lbs. on this diet.

Helpful Tips: If you want to lose weight, this diet is too flighty.




Too simple

Positive and motivating dieting experience

No scientific background