Fat Flush Plan Review

Watch the fat flutter away on this weight loss plan

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Fat Flush Plan

Origin: Created by a nutritionist named Ann Louise Gittleman

Description: Three phase diet plan that is said to rid your body of the toxins that cause weight gain

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Likes: Cranberry juice, lemon juice, flax seed oil, fish, green vegetables, grapefruit and apples

Dislikes: Butter, dairy, sugar, alcohol, oils, grains and starchy vegetables

Looking for: Strict dieters who are willing to give it all up for the sake of weight loss

Works Well With: Gittleman's special supplements, flaxseed oil and special diet cranberry cocktail

Full Review of Fat Flush Diet

The Fat Flush diet builds on the Pritikin Diet of the 1980's. This weight loss diet is a combination of essential fats, proteins and 'good carbs'. Through the use of special (and overpriced) nutritional aids, the dieter is able to detoxify their liver, which will help increase their metabolism.

This weight loss diet consists of three phases:

Phase 1 - the toughest phase of the plan, which was designed to cleanse the body and promote weight loss through a healthy liver. A lot of foods are restricted in this phase.

Phase 2 - promotes continual weight loss. Some foods are reintroduced in this phase, but it is still quite restrictive. Each week during phase two, a 'friendly carb' is introduced into the diet. Each carb is monitored to determine the body's reaction to it.

Phase 3 - is the maintenance phase. During this phase dairy can be consumed, as well as some starch vegetables.

This weight loss diet is not backed by any scientific evidence. While Gittleman has her masters in nutrition, she is not a registered dietitian, and this diet has no real nutritional backing. It is too restrictive and seems to be more of a marketing ploy to entice dieters to purchase her overpriced supplements. Gittleman's knowledge is questionable, as she tells readers they can 'bounce off fat' by using a mini-trampoline. Sounds fun, but probably won't work!

Average weight loss: 5-6 lbs. for the first week.

Helpful Tips: If you choose to follow this weight loss diet, clean your cupboards of any tempting foods - this diet is quite strict.



Will temporarily aid in weight loss

A lot of 'specialty items' are promoted to go along with the diet, which are hard to find and expensive

Teaches the dieter the importance of consuming veggies

Very strict

Encourages the monitoring of carbs

Not scientifically proven