Hamptons Diet Review

The weight loss diet of the rich and famous

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Hamptons Diet

Origin: Created byDr.Fred Pescatore, a former medical director at the Atkins Diet Center

Description: Low-calorie, low-carb diet that encourages the use of heart-healthy fats. Followed by many Hollywood celebrities

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Likes: Macadamia nut oil, avocadoes, almonds, olive oil, chicken, fish, lean meats

Dislikes: Carbs

Looking for: A high roller who wants to lose some weight

Works Well With: Macadamia nut oil and other required supplements

Full Review of the Hamptons Diet

This low-carb, low-calorie meal plan was coined after the popular New York holiday hotspot for posh celebrities - the Hamptons. If you're spending time frolicking in a skimpy bikini, you gotta look your best! This weight loss diet follows the typical low-carb / Atkins formula but additionally it calls for macadamia nut oil (preferably the expensive Australian type), which is apparently the secret weight loss ingredient.

Similar to many other low-carb diets, this one limits your daily carb intake, and follows a Mediterranean approach to dieting by encouraging heart-healthy fats. It focuses on consumption of monounsaturated fats and fish. Depending on how much weight the dieter needs to lose, the allowable carbohydrate content is adjusted accordingly. Excluding the restriction on carbohydrate content, this diet does not prohibit any particular food choice, nor does it monitor portion sizes. Even moderate alcohol consumption is permitted with this one.

This diet does recommend lots of vegetables, and encourages the dieter to eat fats. Macadamia nut oil is looked highly upon in this diet, but is, unfortunately, quite expensive. This weight loss diet also calls for organic food choices, so unless you are a Hollywood celebrity, it could leave you broke.

Average weight loss: 3-4 lbs. per week

Helpful Tips: This weight loss diet is basically an over-priced South Beach knock off!



Encourages heart-healthy fats such as almonds and olive oil

No scientific evidence

Potential to lose a lot of weight

Allows saturated fat options such as butter and bacon

Encourages dieter to eat fish

Fruits are limited