Hollywood Diet Review

48 hour scam liquid diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet

Origin: Created by Jamie Kabler after an eye-opening trip to Europe - she attempted to bottle the rejuvenating feeling of going to a spa

Description: 48 hour liquid diet

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Likes: Hollywood diet magic potion

Dislikes: Food

Looking for: Extreme dieter who believes every gimmick and fad diet out there

Works Well With: Hollywood diet magic potion

Full Review of the Hollywood Diet

You've probably heard about miracle weight loss potions like those advertised on late night infomercials; or maybe you've been intrigued by the bold marketing claims at health food stores promising dramatic weight loss results in as little as two days. This folks, is scam dieting at its finest! The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is a great example of diets providing false hope - lose up to 10 pounds in 2 days? Sign me up!

The magical substance hyped in this diet is actually an overpriced concoction of fruit juices and 'special' enzymes. During the 48 grueling hours of this liquid diet, the dieter is only permitted to sip away at the special fruit juice - no food is allowed.

According to Kabler, the Hollywood Diet will wash away any unhealthy toxins and fat, to provide your digestive system with a vacation. During this time your metabolism will be stimulated, which will then enhance your fat-burning potential. Great marketing claims, but the only thing this juice will be burning is a whole in your pocket!

This product claims to be clinically proven, which is a major contributing factor for any individual considering purchasing a diet product. If it's proven it must work, right? Wrong! There is no regulating body to refute any claim of clinical study; no one to either prove or disprove such claims. Although you will lose weight on this liquid diet, it is almost guaranteed to return as soon as you start eating again. Remember, this two-day weight loss diet is just a fancy juice fast - if you decide to follow this dieting route, save yourself the money and get fruit juice from your local grocery store.

Average weight loss: 5-15 lbs. in 2 days!

Helpful Tips: If you unwisely decide to follow this plan, at least go through with it on a weekend. Don't try this one at work!



It tastes yummy (and that's about it!)

Overpriced fruit juice

Too low in calories

Any weight lost will be regained when you start eating like a normal person