Negative Calorie Diet Review

Can this weight loss diet cause a calorie deficit?

Vital Stats

Full Name: Negative Calorie Diet

Origin: Developed by a US Navy Training Coordinator to get the Armed Forces in shape

Description: Weight loss system based on the theory that certain foods possess 'negative calories', and can cause the body to go into a calorie deficit

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Likes: Fruits and vegetables in negative state

Dislikes: Foods that are high in calories

Looking for: Someone who believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny and believes they can burn calories by eating certain foods!

Works Well With: Exercise in a bottle

Full Review of the Negative Calorie Diet

The Negative Calorie diet claims certain foods may have a negative calorie effect on the body. Supposedly, some foods will require your body to burn so much energy in digestion, that it will create a caloric deficit. By eating these foods, calories will be subtracted from your body, helping you to lose weight quicker and with less effort. This weight loss diet is restricted to fruits and vegetables that must be eaten in a raw state to create a true calorie-burning effect. Ah, if only it were true; but sadly, this diet has no substantial scientific backing.

This weight loss diet claims that you can eat unlimited quantities of the plan's prescribed fruits and vegetables - in fact, they say the more calories you eat, the more calories you burn. On a positive note, this weight loss diet promotes fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, which can help with weight loss by making you more regular, mobilizing fat more efficiently, and helping to control your appetite. However, it is wishful thinking to believe that certain foods can leave your body in a calorie deficit. This weight loss diet might work because calories have been restricted, but no food can induce a negative caloric effect on the body.

Average weight loss: 2 lbs. per day

Helpful Tips: If you're eating this much fiber each day, make sure you have easy access to the bathroom.



Diet consists of plenty fruits and vegetables

No food can trigger a negative caloric effect on the body. Well, except for chocolate brownies (kidding...)

Promotes weight loss

Excludes entire food groups

Doesn't require dieter to fast

Falsely promises a weight loss of 2 lbs. a day (which would be unhealthy for any diet)