NutriSystem Diet Review

Nourishing liquid diet meal replacements

Vital Stats

Full Name: NutriSystem Nourish

Origin: NutriSystem was founded in 1972 as a weight management service with portion-controlled meals

Description: Prepackaged diet plan

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Likes: Fruits and veggies, NutriSystem prepackaged meal replacements

Dislikes: Non-NutriSystem meals

Looking for: A dieter with very little willpower

Works Well With: NutriSystem prepackaged meal replacements

Full Review of the NutriSystem Diet Plan

This overpriced diet combines prepackaged meal replacements with fruits and vegetables. The focus of this diet is on consuming 'good carbs' (low-Glycemic carbs), such as whole-grain breads and vegetables. The dieter doesn't need to think about preparing foods, as they are restricted to the prepackaged NutriSystem food choices. These food choices are low on the glycemic index and are individually portioned to fit the diet.

Customer reviews of the NutriSystem plan are extremely negative, with complaints about mixed-up orders, lack of customer service and overcharged bills making up the bulk. Others complained that the food was disgusting, the meal plan was hard to follow and meal replacement options were too limited. This weight loss diet appears to be so mundane and expensive to follow, that dieters generally find it difficult to stay on for extended periods of time. Following the NutriSystem plan can help you lose a couple of pounds quickly, but don't expect it to be a long term commitment.

NutriSystem has been in the diet and weight management business for the past 30 years, so theoretically they must be doing something right with their marketing campaign. But based on the negative reviews for this diet, customers quickly decide the plan is simply overpriced and over-processed. However, if you're looking for a regimented, fool-proof plan that requires no preparation, this diet might be an option.

Average weight loss: 2-3 lbs. per week

Helpful Tips: Don't waste your money on this overpriced meal plan. Eat sensible balanced meals, instead of these over-processed prepackaged options.



Can lose quite a bit of weight following a liquid diet, but it is difficult to stay on for long.

Foods taste awful

Meals are conveniently pre-prepared

Horrible customer service; lots of complaints about messed up orders and no refunds

Food is shipped to your home - diet is convenient and easy.

Expensive; one month of meal replacements could cost over $275!