Personality Type Diet Review

Weight loss diet tailored to your personality

Vital Stats

Full Name: Personality Type Diet

Origin: Dr. Robert Kushner, and his wife Nancy, who are both well-known authorities on the topic of weight loss

Description: Take the quiz to determine your unique personality; then follow the diet plan specific to your personality

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Likes: Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, dried beans, lentils, chicken, fish and soy products

Dislikes: Red meat

Looking for: Dieter who is looking for a balanced plan and weight loss that lasts

Works Well With: Online subscription to eDiets

Full Review of the Personality Type Diet

Are you outgoing or shy? Are you confident or self-conscious? According to the Personality Diet, your personality says a lot about the foods you eat and the diet plan you should be following. To begin the Personality diet, you are required to fill out a lengthy 70-question 'personality' questionnaire. Depending on if you are an 'eating personality', 'exercise personality', or 'coping personality' your diet plan will be geared specifically to meet your unique personal needs. Once you find out your personality type, you are required to subscribe to services to get your personal meal plan and weight loss diet.

As research, I personally took the quiz, and not only was it extremely long (70 questions!) but some of the questions were difficult to answer. I like quizzes and I'd like to believe that I have unique dieting needs, but something tells me this diet is a bit of a sham. Diets based on our personality - please! What's next, diets based on our shoe size? This is just another weight loss diet that has chosen an interesting niche to successfully put a unique spin on dieting.

Average weight loss: 1 - 2 lbs. per week.

Helpful Tips: Find out what makes you tick. Save yourself the subscription fees and chat on weight loss message boards that'll support your weight loss goals and give you new ideas to succeed.



Creates a supportive online community

Can be expensive to follow (almost $10 a month just to be part of the online community)

Diet is not restrictive

Not based on scientific evidence. Your personality does not determine the type of diet you should be following

Promotes a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins

Attempts to create complicated reasoning to explain why someone is overweight