Sacred Heart Diet Review

Seven day soup-based weight loss diet

Origin: The diet has been said to originate from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital as a method of rapid weight loss for obese patients who were scheduled to undergo heart surgery, however, this can’t be confirmed.

Description: The Sacred Heart Diet is a seven-day meal plan that consists largely of soups and fruits. The idea is to burn more calories than are consumed. Drinking plenty of fluids is also encouraged with this diet.

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Likes: Soup, fruit, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, unsweetened juice and water.

Dislikes: Bread, fried foods, corn, alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Looking For: Your grandmother.

Works Well With: The local farmer’s market.

This is a good short-term diet, but may be a bit difficult to follow in the long term. There are no abnormal or unusual foods included in the eating plan; all of the items can easily be found at a local supermarket or farmer's market. Eating soup for a week straight can become a little tiresome. There is some cooking skill required for the Sacred Heart Diet, but it does not take much to boil a pot of water and add vegetables and soup mix.

This program requires a fair bit of willpower, particularly on the fourth day when the meal plan consists of nothing but bananas and skim milk. Fortunately, in the later part of the week dieters have a little more free rein. Beef and tomatoes may seem a little bland, but you can do just about anything with them. This is where the diet could actually stand to be a little more restrictive. Some people may choose to cook extra lean ground beef while someone else may devour several fatty slices of prime rib roast. As well, on day two participants may eat a baked potato with butter, when toppings such as salsa or low-fat sour cream would be a better choice.