Ultimate New York Diet Review

Weight loss that could only be found on Madison Avenue

Origin: The Ultimate New York diet was created by David Kirsch, a celebrity wellness guru and founder of the Madison Square Club fitness and health centre. Celebrities who have used his weight loss plan include Heidi Klum and Liv Tyler.

Description: The Ultimate New York Body Plan is a two-week weight loss program that involves strict dieting and exercise. Users can reportedly burn an average of 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day, but they will need to complete an hour and a half of exercise each day and will require equipment such as a medicine ball and dumbbells. The diet is very restrictive, but people who chose to follow it are able to choose from a variety of lean meats and vegetables.

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Likes: Chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables and protein shakes.

Dislikes: Dairy products, fruit, bread, starches, sugar and alcohol.

Looking For: Non-drinkers and meat lovers.

Works Well With: Your local supermarket.

At first glance this weight-loss diet looks simple enough. You exercise and eat low-fat, low-carb foods. Upon closer examination, this diet requires extreme willpower for effective weight loss. This is a diet only for those truly dedicated to weight loss and fitness, and who can adhere to strict guidelines. Not only do dieters need to workout for an hour and a half each day with equipment, but they must eliminate most food groups from their diets. Ultimate New York Body Plan users cannot consume bread, fruit, sugar, starch, dairy products or alcohol. There is nothing wrong with eliminating sugar and starch from your diet, but grains, fruits and dairy products are essential for providing the body with the nutrients it needs.