Volumetrics Diet Review

Fill up and slim down with this weight loss diet

Vital Stats

Full Name: The Volumetrics Eating Plan

Origin: Created by Barbara Rolls, a nutritionist who has studied hunger and satiety for over 20 years

Description: Non-restrictive diet that encourages dieter to fill up on foods that are high in fiber and water (fruits and vegetables), rather than foods that are calorie dense

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Likes: Fruits, vegetables, whole grain pasta, rice, soups, breads, cereals, salads, seafood, dairy

Dislikes: Fatty foods, candy, crackers, popcorn, pretzels

Looking for: A dieter who doesn't want to cut calories and who snacks often

Works Well With: Recipes included in books such as these provide easy and quick meal options

Full Review of the Volumetrics Eating Plan

The author of the Volumetrics plan, a nutritionist and professor, created this weight loss diet to establish healthy lifestyle habits. Barbara Rolls, who studied hunger and satiety for over 20 years, wanted to create a diet that would satisfy the dieter's hunger rather than leave them craving certain foods. This plan focuses on filling yourself up with healthy food options. The emphasis of this diet is on creating a sense of satiety in your stomach without eating a lot of additional calories. Food choices on this plan are generally low-calorie options that will fill you up, such as soups, salads and breads. These options take longer to eat and contain enough volume to keep hunger from returning. According to Roll's 'Science of Satiety': If you're trying to lose weight, consuming foods that are high in volume and low in calories is your best course of action.

Rolls attempts to educate dieters about portion sizes, and the importance of choosing high quality food in controlling your hunger level. Most of the food options are high in water, which can help fill you up quicker by allowing you to eat a significantly greater portion. For example, you can eat ½ cup of raisins or 2 cups of grapes for the same amount of calories.

This weight loss diet will help the dieter gain knowledge of healthy food choices. It works because it isn't a restrictive plan, it just teaches you to control your appetite. Its only downside is that it will not lead to rapid weight loss - so if you need a quick fix, this diet isn't for you.

Average weight loss: 1-2 lbs. per week

Helpful Tips: Keep a photocopy of Roll's list of ideal food choices with you for quick meal selection.



Balanced meal plan

Too much fiber may cause bloating and gas for some

Doesn't count calories and isn't too restrictive

Many of the food choices can initially fill you up but leave you feeling hungry shortly after

Encourages fresh and homemade meals

Preparing food choices and meals from scratch may be unreasonable for busy individuals