Chocolate Diet Review

For rapid weight loss, should chocolate be the fifth food group?

Vital Stats

Full Name: Slim Delices Chocla-Slim Squares; three squares a day keeps the pounds away!

Origin: Created by a company in France called Slim Delices; the chocolate squares are called Chocla-Slim

Description: Eat one of these magical chocolate squares after each meal for dramatic weight loss. Slim Delices promises that you can lose up to 15 pounds in the first month!

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Likes: Magical chocolate squares

Dislikes: Fruits and vegetables

Looking for: All you chocoholics who are trying to uncover the Cadbury secret to weight loss

Works Well With: Slim Delices chocolate squares

Full Review of the Chocolate Diet

We all love chocolate, but is it really possible to make a diet of it? Eating chocolate for rapid weight loss seems to be the complete opposite of everything we've ever learned about nutrition and losing weight (even with recent research suggesting that chocolate actually does have some health benefits; particularly dark chocolate which is a great source of antioxidants and can provide some necessary minerals and nutrients).

The chocolate diet originated in France, and consists of overpriced chocolate squares that you're supposed to eat with each meal. These chocolate squares, called Chocla-Slims, were created by a company named Slim Delices. Each square contains 'magical' secret ingredients that encourage rapid weight loss. Ingredients like chicory root are supposed to trap fat, artichoke extract creates a feeling of fullness, and guarana extract helps to rev up your metabolism.

Let me give you the big secret behind these magical squares - they won't help you lose weight. Please don't waste your money on this diet - there's a fat chance that these slimming chocolate squares will do little to help you drop the pounds.

Average weight loss: You might actually gain weight following this diet!

Helpful Tips: If you're going to eat chocolate anyway, save your money on these costly squares and have a peanut butter cup!



Tastes good

Chocolate is not a great diet food, as it is high in calories, fat, and sugar

May help to prevent chocolate binges

Chocolate squares are overpriced