Eat QOD Review

Achieve rapid weight loss by eating every other day

Vital Stats

Full Name: Eat QOD (every other day)

Origin: Created by a kidney doctor; Dr. John T. Daugirdas

Description: Follow a strict, calorie-reduced diet every other day

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Likes: Depends on the day

Dislikes: Depends on the day

Looking for: A typical yo-yo dieter

Works Well With: Eat QOD recipes and meal plans

Full Review of the Eat QOD diet

Why eat everyday when you can cut that in half on the QOD diet? Maybe because it's completely unrealistic and unhealthy to starve yourself half the time! The term QOD is derived from the medical term Quaque Other Die, which meant that patients should take their medication every other day. (Q = every O=other D=day.) The Eat QOD rapid weight loss diet is supposed to work because you are only eating every other day. On your 'off' days you should only consuming 300-400 calories. On your feeding days you can basically eat whatever you want within reason. During your off days you should also be relaxing your body and mind.

On days when you eat, you can eat what you're craving but you should limit your desserts to one per day. This seems pretty liberal, as after a day of restricting calories, most dieters would go all out. Knowing that you will be suppressed for another day after your binge day would also encourage you to eat even more. This type of dieting mentality creates a poor relationship with food, and makes dieting more of an issue than simply revamping your eating habits to incorporate healthier choices. The guidelines of this weight loss diet stipulate that you shouldn't be gaining anymore than 4 pounds per day on your on days - talk about a yo-yo diet!

The theory behind this diet is that by eating what you want on only a few days of the week, you won't feel deprived of certain foods. It also claims to prevent your metabolism from going into starvation mode and preserving calories, because in no time you'll be bingeing again. What you end up with on this diet is rapid weight loss some days and rapid weight gain on other days - a juggling act that can't be healthy and could even be harmful to your body. Eat QOD is a no!

Average weight loss: One day you'll lose and the next you'll gain, so it's difficult to say.

Helpful Tips: Instead of putting this much effort into your diet, just adopt healthier lifestyle changes. They'll help you keep the weight off in the long term.



Encourages regular exercise

Will experience symptoms of ketosis every other day

Can lose a lot of weight on 'off' days

Will experience huge fluctuations in weight

Unique spin on dieting

Not healthy for the long term