Egg Diet Review

This weight loss diet is a yolk!

Origin: Many versions of this diet have existed over the years

Description: Consume up to six hard boiled eggs a day

Likes: Eggs, egg whites, hardboiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, sunny-side-up eggs, soft-boiled eggs

Dislikes: Carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners

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Looking for: Dieter looking for a new spin on low-carb

Works Well With: The Atkins diet

Not to crack your dreams of achieving successful weight loss, but don't expect to drop too many pounds on the ever-popular egg diet. This diet is a high-protein, low-carb weight loss plan that requires you to eat several eggs throughout the day. In fact, you can eat as many eggs as you wish while following this weight loss diet, just make sure to limit your carb intake.

Don't get me wrong, eggs are a great source of protein and can really help to fill you up when consumed as a snack or with a balanced meal. One egg is relatively low in calories, cheap to buy, and very versatile in many different recipes. But eating this many eggs a day is bound to get boring. Not to mention, eggs don't exactly smell that great!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket thinking that this diet is going to work for you. Eggs are a great source of protein and an ideal addition to any diet; but following this diet could be difficult, and there is no substantial research to back up the weight loss claims. Save yourself the sanity, and continue to enjoy eggs by following a balanced meal plan that includes them in moderation.