Juice Diet Review

Liquid diet for weight loss

Vital Stats

Full Name: Liquid Juice Diet

Origin: Different forms of this diet have been around for years

Description: Drink all your meals for five to seven days, then slowly return to normal solid food at the completion of diet

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Likes: Juice, water

Dislikes: All other foods

Looking for: Dedicated dieter who is ready to forgo food

Works Well With: A restroom - you'll be peeing all day on this diet

Full Review of the Juice Diet

This short-term liquid diet is meant to rapidly whip off a couple of pounds. Juice diets were originally created for detoxification purposes, as those that followed them believed they could rid their body of toxins and unnatural chemicals. A liquid diet consists of, you guessed it; nothing by liquids for five to seven days. Fruit juice, tea, and water are allowed, but solid foods prohibited in that time span.

Following a liquid diet for any extended period of time for weight loss is unrealistic. This fad diet will help you lose weight, but it will also leave you starving. Don't expect to be able to do any type of physical activity as you'll be too drained and lethargic for anything beyond walking and talking. These liquid diets hardly provide your daily nutrition requirements - they contain little to no fat or protein and are exceedingly low in calories. You may get some antioxidants and vitamins from the juice that you drink, but not as much as you'd get from actual fruits and vegetables.

Liquid diets, juice fasts, water diets or whatever you want to call them, are not going to help you lose weight and keep it off. They are way too restrictive, and although your weight may drop initially, you'll only be losing water weight. Once you resume your regular eating habits, any weight that was lost while following a liquid diet will pile back on.

Average weight loss: 5 -7 lbs. per week

Helpful Tips: Instead of a strictly liquid diet, try upping your water intake while following a balanced meal plan that includes a ton of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.



Quick weight loss

Very limited diet that contains no protein or fat

Easy meal selection

Too low in calories

Relatively cheap to follow

Unsafe to follow