One Day Diet Review

One day you diet and the next day you don't, on this weight loss plan

Vital Stats

Full Name: One Day Diet

Origin: There are several variations of this diet

Description: Diet every other day; on diet days consume nothing but diet wafers and water

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Likes: Diet wafers and water

Dislikes: On diet days, all food but diet wafers

Looking for: Dieter craving an extremely quick fix, who doesn't care if results will last

Works Well With: Diet wafers

Full Review of the-One Day Diet

If you're desperate to lose weight for an event such as your wedding, this extremely restrictive and ridiculous diet might help you reach your goal - but only for the day. To follow this weight loss diet, consume nothing but diet wafers and water for an entire day. The next day, eat as you normally would. Maintain this pattern of day-cycling until you reach your weight loss goal.

Day-cycling is unhealthy and unproductive, and could actually cause you to gain more weight than you lose. On the days that you resume regular eating habits, all the weight that was lost will immediately be regained. This type of weight loss diet will be very frustrating and difficult follow. Do yourself a favor, make healthier lifestyle adjustments that will help you lose weight and keep it off - don't opt for the quick fix.

The overpriced wafers required in this diet cost about $40 for seven dieting days. Each wafer contains a miniscule amount of calcium and protein, and a few vitamins and minerals. On diet days, you are to eat only two wafers every hour and drink plenty of water. According to the creators of the One Day Diet wafers:

"Diet foods taste terrible! With the One Day Diet, you are never more than one day away from your favorite foods. On your diet days, choose between tasty French Vanilla or titillating Chocolate diet wafers."

Well, you have to give them credit for the creative spin on this crock! This weight loss diet definitely ranks high for the most ridiculous on the market.

Average weight loss: 8 lbs. in one day!

Helpful Tips: Use your brain and don't fall for this gimmick. Remember the motto: if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.



Chocolate diet wafers are "titillating" (according to the makers of this ridiculous diet)

Devoid of nutrients and substance

Promotes a ton of water

Cycling of this extreme is not healthy

Will lose a lot of weight on diet days

Will gain back the weight when normal eating patterns are resumed