Healthy Chicken Recipes

Low carb and low fat chicken recipes

Chicken has long been considered a healthier alternative to red meats, but in the effort to incorporate low-fat, low-carb chicken recipes into your diet, it's easy to get a bit bored by your chicken routine. Incorporating new grilled and baked chicken recipes into your meal plan and finding fun ways to use chicken can be a great way to start enjoying this healthy meat again.

The trick with finding new and healthy chicken recipes is to make sure that the variations you're using are low in fat and salt. Avoiding high-fat dressings and sauces is key. Instead, opt for flavorful additions such as pineapples, lemons, mustard and ginger, which can help add excitement to bland chicken breast recipes in a healthy way.

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Chicken Recipe Variations

Try adding these variations to your regular chicken repertoire:

  • Chicken soup recipes. Chicken soup is a well-known comfort food, but with so many soup recipes out there, you don't have to stick to traditional chicken noodle. Mexican shredded chicken, chicken ravioli and pomegranate chicken are just a few of the fun variations you can try.
  • Chicken salad recipes. Chicken turns salad into a main course that's extremely healthy. Just remember to go for low-fat dressings in your salad recipes—vinaigrettes are a great choice with varieties like balsamic, raspberry and many others.
  • Chicken wrap recipes. A whole grain wrap is a great way to use chicken, and the variations of chicken wraps you can create are nearly endless. From rice and beans to avocado, cucumber and nearly any vegetable you can think of, custom wrap creations are perfect for lunch and dinner.

If after all this variety you're ready to go back to your staples, try looking online for new twists on traditional baked and grilled chicken recipes.

Low-Fat, Low-Carb Chicken Recipes

To keep your chicken dishes as healthy as possible, look for these features in low-carb, low-fat chicken recipes:

  • Avoid cream sauces. While the chicken itself is still healthy (generally grilled), dishes like chicken Alfredo or other dishes in heavy sauces can be deceptively unhealthy because the cream and butter content is high.
  • Don't fry. Breaded chicken, whether it's wings, chicken fingers or a full chicken breast is delicious, but it does increase the calorie count significantly. If you do want to bread your chicken, try baking it. If you simply must fry, do so in a fry pan with a thin coat of oil, rather than a deep fryer.
  • Beware of seasonings. Some seasonings can be incredibly high in salt, which can blow one health component of your diet plan. When choosing seasonings, try something out of the pepper family, cinnamon or dry mustard, all of which pack in a lot of flavor without all the salt.