Low Fat Dessert Recipes

Have your low fat cheesecake and eat it too

No one wants to give up dessert, no matter how rigid their weight loss plans. But most desserts are high in fat and low in nutritional value, so it can be hard to justify eating them when on a diet. Many people attempt to swear off desserts, only to find themselves cracking under the cravings and eating more than normal.

Fortunately, there are many low-fat recipes that don't compromise on taste. In fact, many of your favorite dessert recipes can easily be converted to be much lower in fat, which means you can continue to enjoy them while still adhering to your diet.

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Ideas for Low-Fat Desserts

Some recipes convert better to a low-fat variant than others. The low-fat dessert recipes listed below can be easily created from their traditional high-fat versions with just a few substitutions (and the good news is there's no compromise on taste):

  • Low-fat carrot cake. To eliminate the sugar in low-fat carrot cake, canned fruits such as crushed pineapples are often used.
  • Low-fat cookies. Cutting back on the sugar in cookies can be as easy as using maple syrup. Often, maple syrup is combined with baking soda in low-fat cookie recipes to provide fluffiness when creamed with butter.
  • Low-fat banana bread. Cut down on the fat in dishes like low-fat banana bread by using canola oil and low-fat yogurt in lieu of most of the butter.
  • Low-fat cheesecake. Even cheesecake can be altered to be low-fat. Look for low-fat cream cheese and use yogurt for additional flavor and texture.

Finding Low-Fat Recipes

Low-fat eating is very popular nowadays and there are also many people who must adhere to a low-fat, low cholesterol diet for medical reasons. Because of this, and the fact that no one wants to give up on great food, delicious low-fat recipes have become plentiful. The Internet is full of low-fat recipe websites, and you can also find recipe books devoted strictly to low-fat cooking.

If you're stuck on your favorite recipes, remember that you can also find various substitutions, such as leaner meats or healthy oils, which can help you lower the fat content.