Low Fat Low Carb Recipes

Tips for low carb low fat cooking

For those serious about losing weight and eating healthy, low-carb, low-fat recipes are a must. Combined with exercise, eliminating or limiting foods that are high in fats and carbohydrates is the fastest way to drop excess weight.

Many people think that low-fat cooking and low-carb cooking means sacrificing flavor, but there are many delicious low-fat, low-carb recipes that are easy to integrate into your diet. Many of your favorite recipes can also be altered to be lower in fat and carbs with just a few easy substitutions.

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Cooking Ideas for Low-Fat Foods

Going low-fat doesn't have to be difficult. Often, just switching one or two meals a week to low-fat meals can have significant health benefits. You can also incorporate low-fat variants in the meals you normally cook, so you don't have to give up your favorite dishes. Try these tips for low-fat cooking:

  • Go vegetarian once a week or more. Swapping out your traditional meat recipes for vegetarian recipes a couple of times a week can significantly lower your fat intake.
  • Use low-fat dairy. Switching to skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheese can help you reduce the fat in your regular recipes.
  • Fry healthier. Everyone loves fried foods, but it's the quickest way to sabotage a low-fat diet. Limit your frying to special occasions and try pan-frying in a light oil rather than deep-frying.

Cooking Ideas for Low-Carb Foods

Carbs are one of the most difficult items to remove from a diet, because often they're associated with comfort foods like pasta and breads. But with a few easy substitutions like those listed below, you can make your favorite meals into delicious low-carb meals:

  • Eliminate white flours. Substitute foods like white rice and pasta with whole grains, or better yet, introduce side dishes like couscous or quinoa that are high in protein and low in carbs.
  • Eat your beans. Beans are low in carbs and full of healthy nutrients. Introduce beans as side dishes or throw them in meals like spaghetti, chili and soups.
  • Substitute fruits for refined sugars. Use canned fruits and juices to flavor desserts or simply swap out high-carb desserts for fresh fruit and whipped cream.