Soup Recipes

Healthy soup recipes everyone will love

Soups are a great addition to any weight loss diet. Some soups are diets unto themselves, but for sustainable weight loss, it's best to use soup recipes as a variant to other healthy eating options. While most people think of soup as a winter food, there are many options that work well in the warmer weather as well.

If you're getting tired of your same old chicken soup recipe or vegetable soup recipe, try looking around online for something new and interesting. Just make sure they're healthy or that you can make healthy substitutions to stick to your weight loss plan.

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Low-Carb, Low-Fat Soup Recipes

When it comes to low fat low carb recipes, soups are among the most accommodating. Most soups are naturally healthy, being rich in vegetables and low in carbs. However, there are some ingredients that can hide in soups and make them deceptively unhealthy. Be sure to avoid these ingredients when looking for healthy soup recipes:

  • Butter or cream. Creamy soups are quite tasty, but can be high in fat. Use skim products instead of butter and cream whenever possible, and you'll go from high-fat to low-fat soup recipes in no time.
  • High salt. You can easily cut the amount of salt in most soup recipes without compromising the flavor.
  • White grains. To turn a white-grain soup recipe into a low-carb soup recipe, you can easily swap out white rice or noodles for whole-grain ones.
  • Sugar. Believe it or not, many soups contain large amounts of sugar. Look for recipes that use fruit juice or honey as healthier alternatives.

Soup Diets

While there are many variations on soup diets, the two most common ones are listed below:

  • Cabbage soup diet. The cabbage soup diet lasts for seven days and is built around a single cabbage soup diet recipe. Each day, participants can eat as much soup as they want, along with the prescribed additional foods. These foods might consist of fruits, vegetables, a baked potato, beef or chicken. The cabbage soup diet is not meant to be a long-term diet—at least two weeks should go by after you complete the diet before trying it again.
  • Chicken soup diet. The chicken soup diet also lasts for seven days. This diet limits participants to one breakfast and then as much chicken soup as they want for the rest of the day. Sample breakfasts include items like yogurt, fruit and wheat germ in specific quantities and combinations. The chicken soup itself contains vegetables and seasonings.

It's important to note that soup diets can be risky. Many people experience lightheadedness and weakness due to the restricted diet. If you begin to feel these symptoms you should discontinue the diet immediately.