Dieting Without Exercise

It’s a fact - exercise can help with weight loss

One of the greatest weight-loss myths is that you can take a weight-loss pill or start a fad diet and do nothing else. In reality, losing weight is just not that simple.

Weight loss takes work and commitment. While limiting your caloric intake to 1,000 calories per day will likely help you lose weight, it won’t be sustainable. Diets that are restrictive may work in the short term, but are virtually impossible to maintain in the long term. As well, when you do quit the diet you will be more likely to put the weight back on.

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To achieve weight loss success it is important to include exercise in your program. Physical activity boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat and build lean muscle. Exercise helps you keep weight off and it also releases endorphins which will improve your mood.

Exercise does not have to be difficult, expensive or even time consuming. You do not need fancy equipment, a gym membership or a personal trainer to get in shape, although these are helpful. Try doing squats or pushups in your living room. If you don’t own bar bells lift soup or juice cans. Start jogging around your neighborhood. Buy a jump rope and take up skipping. If fact, skipping will give your body a harder workout because you have to work against gravity. It takes more effort to lift your body up than move it forward.

If you enjoy sports, incorporate your passion into your weight loss program. Sports like hockey, basketball and soccer are great cardiovascular exercises because they require constant movement. As well, swimming is a great inexpensive form of exercise that works your entire body.

Making simple changes to your daily routine will also help you to incorporate some exercise. If you work in an office tower take the stairs instead of the elevator. In good weather walk or ride a bicycle to your destinations. If you’re an avid golfer try walking to each hole instead of renting a cart.

Adding exercise into your daily routine is simple and will help you reach you weight- loss goals quicker.