Fat Loss Creams

Not a good choice for your weight-loss plan

Weight loss can be difficult especially from those areas of the body that don't seem to want to lose the inches, such as the lower abdomen and thighs. Some people, particularly women, become frustrated with traditional weight-loss methods like diet and exercise and turn to more outlandish types of weight-loss treatments. One of these ridiculous treatments is fat-loss cream.

Fat-loss creams are applied once or twice daily to areas where weight loss is desired. The cream, once massaged into the skin, is supposed to remove surface fat by either dissolving it or moving it into the bloodstream to be flushed out. Unfortunately, few companies provide any scientific evidence regarding how these products work. Some people have reported success with fat-loss creams, but noted that they followed a low- calorie diet and exercise program as recommended by the product's label.

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It's hard to buy into some of the sensationalized claims these products make. Is it realistic to promise consumers they will lose inches off their stomachs and buttocks by simply applying cream to their problem areas twice daily? One company boasts that clinical test subjects lost 15 percent of their body fat in just three weeks. Products are aimed at desperate dieters who have tried every other weight-loss product or method without success. Unfortunately, these products are not federally regulated and are extremely costly for those who are drawn in. Consumers can expect to pay up to $60 for four ounces of cream.

On the positive side, fat-loss creams have one benefit. Most of these products are effective at firming and toning the skin. The cream and gels contain hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin, aloe vera and vitamin E, that improve the texture of the skin.

The bottom line is if you want to lose weight there is no product on the market that will make it disappear effortlessly. Weight loss takes hard work, and requires exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

NOTE: Fat-loss products should not be used by some individuals because of the ingredients they contain. Many creams and gels are loaded with caffeine, chemicals and alcohol and should be used carefully.