Fattening Foods

Foods that can hinder your weight loss plan

Trying to lose weight? Think again before you add the following foods to your weight loss plan:

Salad dressing - if you’re following a weight loss plan, salad has most likely become an essential staple in your diet. Salad is loaded with nutrients and makes a great meal or snack - but you have to be sure you don’t jeopardize the health value by smothering it with calorie-laden salad dressings. Choose the diet kind, or if you don’t like the taste, put your dressing on the side and sparingly dip your salad in it.

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Rice cakes - they’ve been long-touted as a diet food, but you know what? They’re not! Rice cakes rank high on the Glycemic Index and can elevate your blood sugar levels leaving you feeling hungry pretty quickly. And if you’ve ever eaten one, you may have found that they’re also not very satisfying.

Frozen yogurt - many dieters have the misconception that frozen yogurt is healthy, and compared to its chilly counterpart ice cream, it is a better option. However, frozen yogurt is still loaded with a lot of sugar, and should therefore only be consumed in moderation.

Prepackaged frozen diet meals - they might be low in fat and calories, but pre-made frozen dinners are also low in taste and satisfaction. A serving size is so small it won’t keep you full for very long. The meals are also quite high in sodium and preservatives. You’re better off taking the time to make your own meals in advance, and freezing them for those days you don’t have time to prepare dinner.

Protein bars and meal replacement shakes - they may be convenient, but these meal substitutes can be quite high in calories and preservatives. Not to mention, they cost a fortune. Save the calories and the money, and eat the real thing.

Granola - granola may appear to be healthy, and a great diet food, but it will do nothing for your weight loss plan. It’s extremely high in fat and contains a ton of calories in a very small serving.

Juice - real fruit juice contains lots of nutrients, but it also contains a ton of sugar that will do nothing for your weight loss plan. If you’re thirsty, have a refreshing glass of water, flavored with lemon juice. Get your vitamins from a delicious and juicy orange or apple, instead of drinking up your calories.