Desk Dieting

Don’t let your job be the cause of your weight gain

For those of us who work in a sedentary office environment, it can be tricky to lose weight and maintain dieting. Not only are you inactive for a majority of the day, but you are often tempted by no-so-healthy food options from co-workers and vending machines in the office. The following tips can help you stave off office weight gain:

Don’t give in to peer pressure - your co-workers may make you feel guilty for not eating a piece of birthday cake or Friday donut. Try to avoid these situations altogether, by taking a quick walk break or bringing your own food to work and letting your co-workers know you’ve already eaten. It takes some willpower to say no, especially when you’re dieting, but with determination and the right tips, you can do it.

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Feed your temptations - make sure you start each day with a balanced breakfast, and prepare or plan your meals in advance so you don’t skip. That way you’ll be less likely to give in to a handful of candies from your administrative assistant’s bowl, or that slice of pizza in the lunch room. By keeping yourself satisfied, you’ll be less likely stray from your diet.

Work in exercise - at work, you’re often sitting on your butt for eight plus hours a day - and that doesn’t even account for travel time. Needless to say, you’re inactive for a big chunk of the day. Try to incorporate small bouts of activity whenever you can. Whether you ride your bike or walk to work (if possible), go to the gym before or after work or go for a walk on your lunch break, introducing some form of exercise into your day will help alleviate workplace stress, increase your energy and burn more calories.

Stash it - instead of giving in to your afternoon sugar cravings, be prepared to stave them off with healthier options. Keep your desk drawer full of healthy snack options such as unsalted almonds, cans of tuna, oatmeal and low-calorie energy bars. That way you’ll survive your sugar cravings without succumbing to unhealthy choices.

A sedentary job shouldn’t be an excuse for weight gain - it just means you have to make healthier decisions while at work, and be prepared for those diet-breaker moments.