Dieting on Vacation

How to return from vacation without the extra pounds

So you’re finally heading for a much-deserved vacay - the only snag is you’re trying to follow a sensible diet plan and keep your weight off. So many people will work extra hard in the weeks before a vacation, to ensure they look great in their bathing suit; but then they fail to stick to their diet and pack on the pounds while away. True, a vacation should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself, but try not to go overboard. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, do your best to continue dieting.

On the airplane - if you’re lucky enough to get a meal on an airplane, keeping it healthy can be an even greater challenge. The best way to overcome the horrible-tasting, high-fat airline food is to bring your own food onboard. Pack foods that can be eaten cold such as chicken salad or a veggie sandwich. Also, be sure to pack plenty of snacks such as dried or fresh fruit and nuts.

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Buffet-Style - going on an all-inclusive trip that provides a never-ending supply of food and drinks can be a particular threat to your weight loss plan. Stick to your diet by choosing only the freshest foods such as fish or fruits and vegetables. Steer clear of anything smothered in cheese and sauces. It may be difficult to stay on track, but it’s worthwhile when the vacation is over.

On the Road - road trips and fast food are notoriously linked. However, don’t feel you have to sabotage your diet when you’re on the road by pulling over at a greasy spoon. Why not stock your cooler with your own healthy snack options and quick meals. Make sure to drink lots of water and pack fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy while on your road trip.

It’s most important to enjoy your vacation, but don’t let all your healthier habits be pushed aside. Just as you would at home, make time to consume several small, balanced meals throughout the day. That way you won’t give in to cravings later on or let yourself get out of control. Dieting is possible while on vacation, you just need to stay focused.

Also, don’t forget to include time for regular exercise. Many hotels now have gyms, but give yourself a break from the routine by enjoying the outdoors and going for a run, bike ride or swim in the ocean. A vacation can be one of the best times to get in necessary, yet enjoyable, exercise!