Eating on the Run

Tips for fitting healthy habits into your weight loss plan

An on-the-go lifestyle should not be a reason to let your weight loss diet fall by the wayside. If you’re busy and stressed, following a balanced diet and including regular exercise in your weight loss plan can actually help you relax, manage your day better and increase your energy level. With the busy lives most people lead these days, it's often difficult to prepare a meal quickly without relying on fast food or prepackaged frozen dinners. But these choices will do little to help you reach your weight loss goals, so it’s important to squeeze in the time to make healthy meals. The following tips can help you stick to your weight loss plan, even when you’re on the run:

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Prepare your meals one day of the week - pick a time when you’re not quite so busy, such as Sunday afternoon, to get everything ready for the following week. Wash and chop up veggies, make your lunches and pre-pack snacks. Divide meal options for the remainder of the week into separate containers and freeze, so you can grab and go in the morning.

Arm yourself - stash healthy food options such as natural nuts, oatmeal, and low-cal energy bars at your desk or in your car for those emergency situations where you don’t have time to eat. This will stop you from grabbing a convenient chocolate bar or bag of chips to stave off your hunger. Recognizing that these situations will crop up means you can prepare foods in advance - then you’ll always be able to reach for something quick and healthy when on the run.

Team work - don’t try to do it all on your own, recruit your family members to help out. If you’re going to get home late, ask someone else to start making dinner. By recruiting others to help you when you’re busy, you can still make healthy decisions and stick to your weight loss plan.

Cook for an army - make extra portions of meals to enjoy later. By preparing more than one portion, you can freeze meals for a really busy night when you don’t have time to cook. Simply place the meal in a container, label it (including the date prepared) and stash it in the freezer for a quick option on those super-hectic evenings.