Low Calorie Lunches

Light lunches that won’t weigh down your weight loss plan

How many times have you meant to eat a healthy lunch but found yourself heading down to the cafeteria and reaching for a burger and fries? When your days are busy and there’s little time to prepare healthy choices that follow your weight loss plan, you have to ensure that you anticipate the health-hiccups in your day ahead of time.

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Brown bag it

The best way to ensure your work lunch fits into your weight loss plan is to pack a healthy meal the night before and bring it with you - you’ll be less likely to hit the food court if you have a lunch that’s already waiting for you, and you won’t be tempted to grab something quick that isn’t diet-friendly. But the best part about bringing your own lunch? You’ll be saving a lot of money! Here are some easy and tasty lunch ideas that’ll help you slim down your body and fatten up your wallet:

Grilled chicken salad or shrimp and salad - they’re easy to make and you can add any food options you like. As many vegetables as you like, a handful of unsalted sunflower seeds, raisins, and a tiny bit of low-fat goat cheese and you have a great salad! Bring some grilled chicken or shrimp to heat up at work to top off your salad.

Boiled eggs, salad and whole wheat pita - boil eggs up the night before and remove the yolks. Enjoy with half a whole wheat pita and a large salad with a little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Hummus with whole wheat pita and mixed salad greens - hummus is incredibly cheap and tastes great. Spread some on a pita and have it with a big salad for a quick lunchtime snack.

Food Court

It’s inevitable that some day you’ll wind up hitting the food court for your lunch. When this happens, try to go down with a plan of attack - don’t let that great-smelling Chinese food win over your hungry tummy. Instead, choose fresh salads (with dressing on the side) topped with grilled chicken, pitas with shrimp or grilled chicken and lots of vegetables or a big vegetable stir-fry.

When you’re in the food court, be sure to steer clear of any pizzerias, or Mexican and Chinese eateries. Although they might appear to have healthy options, most of these restaurants use so much oil and extra sauce when cooking that they’ll do little for your weight loss plan. Your best bet is to ask for a nutritional information pamphlet, and don’t be scared to ask your server how your food is prepared. Remember, you are the only one who really cares about what you’re eating.