Boost Your Metabolism

Speed things up for effective weight loss

Metabolism has a lot to do with weight loss and fitness. A slow metabolism can leave you feeling fatigued and physically weak. Even if you follow a low-calorie diet you may not experience weight loss. In fact, a low-calorie diet alone may lower your metabolism further. Metabolism plays a direct role in weight loss because fast metabolisms help the body burn fat and build muscle. Fortunately, for those of you who have a lower metabolism there are several ways to boost it. Not only will you lose weight, you'll feel better as well!

The most important thing you can do for your metabolism is to eat right. As many times as you may have heard this piece of advice, eat breakfast. Eating early in the day provides your body with the energy it needs to start the day. Skipping breakfast sends your body the signal that you are starving and your metabolism will slow down in order to store calories. Hardcore dieting can have the same effect. If you restrict your caloric intake too much, your body will struggle to conserve fat and your metabolism will drop. An effective way to give your metabolism a lift while eating a little lighter is to eat several small meals throughout the day. This will supply your body with a constant source of energy and increase your metabolism, helping with your weight-loss goals. Drinking plenty of water is also extremely important when you are burning energy.

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The most effective way to boost your metabolism and increase your energy level is to exercise. Create a routine that includes cardiovascular training and weight training. If you are starting out with a low metabolism, it's going to be tough to get going and to stay motivated. However, once you develop an exercise routine you will be converting energy into muscle rather than fat, which also helps to increase your metabolism. As a result of this your faster metabolism will help with weight loss by burning more calories and building lean muscle.

Try taking supplements or herbs to increase your energy level. Vitamins, especially B vitamins, provide your body with nutrients you may be missing from your diet and will help to fuel your body. Supplements, like coenzyme Q10, are also believed to be helpful for increasing energy and combating fatigue. Green tea and ginseng may also be effective in helping with weight loss. If you decide to try taking herbs or supplements, it is important to consult your doctor first to make sure that they are safe for you to take.