Burning Calories

Weight loss information to help you become a calorie-burning machine

The following weight loss information can help you burn more calories than ever before:

  1. Skip to my Lou - grab a skipping rope and skip like you did when you were a kid. Just fifteen minutes of jump rope fun can burn 100 calories. Now that’s a hopping way to burn calories!
  2. Take the stairs - the next time you ascend to your apartment or your office, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You’ll probably get to where you need to go quicker, and you’ll burn some calories in the process.
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  1. Take a hike - if you can, walk or bike where you need to go instead of driving. You’ll save money on gas, you won’t have to fight traffic and you’ll burn more calories.
  2. Drink up - drink at least 8 glasses of cold ice water a day. Your body will expend 123 calories of heat a day to warm the water to body temperature.
  3. Blot it - if you decide to have pizza (be advised, we’re not promoting pizza here), first blot your slice with a paper towel. It’ll help remove some of the grease and almost 5 grams of unnecessary fat!
  4. Listen to you mom - breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Numerous studies have shown that those who start their day with breakfast will consume fewer calories throughout the day.
  5. “Got Milk?” - recent research suggests that calcium can help burn fat and contribute to overall weight loss. Make sure you choose the low-fat or skim version and drink up!
  6. Coffee break- when you take your midmorning coffee break, use milk instead of cream, and sweeteners instead of sugar, in your coffee. The taste difference is minimal and you’ll be consuming a lot less calories.
  7. Slow down - enjoy your food and take time to eat. Your brain takes about 20 minutes to process the food you have eaten. By enjoying your food and savoring every last bite you’ll eat less calories overall.
  8. Work it - while watching TV, instead of noshing on chips or cookies incorporate some quick exercise. Do sit-ups or jumping jacks during the commercial breaks. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill or bike at home, exercise while you watch your favorite show.
  9. Think before you hit send - instead of sending an email or calling a colleague, get up and walk over to their desk. We’ve become so accustomed to modern conveniences that simple forms of exercise are eliminated from our day.
  10. Skip it - choose the light or low-fat version of sauces and dressings whenever possible. One serving of light mayonnaise has less than half the calories of regular mayonnaise, but it tastes identical. Make the healthy choice!
  11. Switch it- drinking diet soda instead of the regular version can save you over 100 calories per pop! If you’re a caffeine junkie, those calorie savings can really add up.
  12. Build it- weight-training can help your body burn more calories even when you’re not active. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn even when at rest. In fact, adding five pounds of lean muscle mass can help burn one pound of fat every two weeks! That’s some efficient muscle!
  13. Snack right - instead of grabbing a chocolate bar or carrot muffin to stave off those midday munchies, stash healthier options such as natural nuts and oats at your desk. Or bring fruits and vegetables. These treats will keep you feeling full and energized for much longer, and will also help you reach your weight loss goal sooner.