Spot Reducing

For weight loss success, you need to dispel the myth

We hate to break it to you, but that thigh master you have stashed behind your TV and that magic cream you bought that claimed to get rid of excess tummy fat are not going to lead to weight loss success.

It’s a fact: spot reducing does not work! You don’t get to choose where you want to lose weight from your body - if only it could be that easy!

Exercise is not body-part specific. Everybody is genetically-programmed to gain and lose fat from different areas of the body. This programming will determine where your weight loss efforts are targeted.

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If you want to lean-out all over your body it’s important to maintain a regular exercise program that includes both cardiovascular activities and strength-training. You also need to ensure that you’re consuming a balanced, calorie-reduced diet.

Although you can’t choose what part of your body you want to tone up, here’s a list of quick tips to help look lean and toned all over.

  • Strength train - train with weights at least twice a week to add lean muscle mass to your body. When you have more lean muscle, your body will burn more calories throughout the day than it would without. It takes more calories to maintain muscle, which is why weight training is an essential part of weight loss success.
  • Sweat it out - perform at least 30 minutes of cardio three times a week. It’s great for your heart and will help to stimulate fat loss.
  • Be aware of portion distortion - if you want to tone up your body overall, acknowledge that you need to pay attention to your serving sizes. The average American eats way more than they actually need.
  • Chug it - drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water a day. This will ensure that your body is functioning at an optimum level and is efficiently burning fat. Water can also help suppress your appetite.
  • Cut out sugars and processed foods - they offer little nutritional value, and although they taste good, will do little to help you meet your goals. Eat fresh foods whenever possible.

To sum up, even though you can’t spot reduce or lose fat in a specific area on your body, to achieve overall weight loss success, make sure you are following a balanced diet and are exercising regularly.