How to Wear Skinny Jeans

This weight loss plan can help you look great in your favorite clothes!

We all have them - that pair of skinny jeans that we’ve vowed to fit back into. You know those ones that hang in the back of your closet, the ones you find yourself wistfully looking at every day. Well pull them to the front and show them what you’ve got, by putting your weight loss plan into action!

Step it up - get a bootylicious behind that’ll look great in your favorite jeans by incorporating hill training and intervals (going really hard for a short period of time, then returning to an easier pace) into your regular cardio workout. Intervals and hills can help rev up your metabolism and do wonders for your booty. So step up your typical runs on the treadmill or tackle that big hill outside!

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Get your beauty sleep - what a restful way to lose weight. Studies have shown that getting your zzz’s is an important part of your weight loss plan. Getting at least seven hours of sleep a night can help to control your appetite and regulate your metabolism. I’m not saying that staying in bed all day will guarantee you’ll be sporting your favorite pair of Seven jeans in no time, but getting the proper amount of sleep can certainly bolster your weight loss efforts.

Zip up your diet - by cutting your daily caloric intake you could be in those skinny jeans in no time. Watch your portion sizes and make healthy substitutions throughout your day, and you’ll be surprised how quickly the inches peel off. Simply by slashing extra calories from your daily intake, you could lose an extra pound a week. Sound tricky? Well it’s not. Replace your midmorning muffin (approximately 250 calories) with an apple and satisfy your sweet tooth by having a cup of sugar-free hot chocolate after dinner instead of your typical chocolate cookies, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be sliding back into your hip-hugging jeans.

Realize your genes might influence the size of your jeans - planning to lose weight and fit into the same size jean you wore in high school, may be more of a fantasy than an attainable reality. Instead, set realistic goals for yourself and stay on top of your weight loss plan by keeping a food diary. Even if you don’t like journaling, writing down every last morsel you put into your mouth could really help you stick to your plan. Nobody’s perfect, so if you give in and have slice of cheesecake just try cutting back on something else later on. This will likely help you get back in your skinny jeans (and stay in them) more than any ridiculous diet.